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What to do in Praia?

Contrary to what is often written, Praia is capital which has kept its African spirit and can offer many activities.

The quarter “Achada de Santo Antonio” is an interesting mix between ministries, shops and restaurants. Just out of the B&B, there are plenty of places to hang out: “Ka Tcheka”, the Kafé Musik of Praia is owned by Tcheka, one of the most famous musician from Cape Verde; churasqueiras “Benfica” and “Dragoeiro”; “A Grelha”, Protugese specialised in grilled fish; and the ice-cream shop “Maravilhas”.

Near by the public garden “Cruz do Pape” overlooks at a beautiful bay and at the beach “Kebra Kanela” where you can have a swim in a warm and transparent water. Then you can walk up to Jorge, the lighthouse guard, who will be delighted to make you visit the lighthouse and tell you stories about Praia.

At the “plateau”, the historical center of Praia, you will be surrounded by the African atmosphere as you stroll in the lively street around the president palace, the fruits and vegetables market or the various shops. After a tasty “cachupa” (the national meal) or some grilled fish, go to “Sucupira”, the local souk, you will be realized how soft, nice and respectful capeverdians are.

At night, it is possible to eat while enjoying concerts at “Ka Tcheka” next to the B&B, “5tal da Musica” at the plateau, or “Fogo d'Africa” at Tira Chapeu.

What to do in Santiago?

Santiago, the most African-like island, is a concentrate of Cape Verde. If you need to relax there are plenty of beaches of white or black sand to rest: Sao Francisco, Praia Baixo, Tarrafal (a fishermen village and the spot for scuba diving and snorkeling), Pedra Badejo, Ribeira da Prata, etc.

We recommend you to take a boat trip along the coast of Ribeira da Barca, a beautiful and wild place. You can also order a grilled fish on a desert beach. Contact Séty Martins.

If you like to hike, there are plenty of possibilities to discover the wild and rough beauty of Cape Verde depending on the level you have: Cidade Velha (village of first settlers' expeditions and historical place of the slavery history), Ribeira da Barca, Sao Domingos, Picos, Orgaos, Pico d'Antonia or the national park of the Serra Malagueta.

What to do in the archipelago?

FOGO – The island with the still active volcano is symbol of life and energy. It was first named São Filipe but the name was changed because of the 2'892m volcano Fogo. It is a main touristic attraction and a must see in Cape Verde.

SANTO-ANTAO – This island has the most various sceneries. It is the haven for hiking where you can discover the marvelous treasures of its landscapes with mountains and ribeiras of lush vegetation.

SAO VICENTE, BOA VISTA, are also full of pleasures and surprises. If you like to be out of touristic pass go the smallest islands of SAO NICOLAU, MAIO and BRAVA.

To get more information about the islands of Cape Verde, we invite you to take a look at Le Petit Fûté and Discover Cape Verde.